What is in the third drawer

An organised working space is a sine qua non requirement for any efficient team work. We achieve it through drawers – five, to be precise. Tidy and arranged as nothing we have ever managed to tidy up in our whole lives. Five drawers, five topics. In each drawer, there are sections. Labeled quite like military units, ready to serve at a speed of response below 10 seconds – drawers where everything is available and feasible on the spot.
And then there is the third drawer.


The black sheep. The damned middle. Pandora’s alter ego. Alien to rules, the third drawer holds intellectual jewels of the kind of sweets and nuts, empty sunglasses cases, tiny boxes and post-it notes packed with spontaneous brainstorming sessions, which (we tell ourselves) may change the world one day. Every action authored by Twelfhundred has a cousin idea in the third drawer. That is the reason why, much like a sacred cow, we feed it regularly with new potential inspiration triggers. If it had an official role in the company, the tiny little Swede (born in Ikea) would be an awarded rhetorical guard: everything it holds makes us do better what we do best.


Space-constrained as it is though, our third drawer recently uttered the need for an extension in order not to run out of air. With the aim of giving it the freedom to exist without drowning in our brainstorming sessions, we have decided that everything we find inspiring, today and onwards, will get a moment of glory here in this blog, our drawer, our favourite drawer.